Cosplayer at CCXP 2019
Mother and daughter
Actress and dancer Jaes Gaertner
Portrait photographer Fritz Kissels
Cosplayer at the RPC Cologne 2018
Vera, piercer at Wild Style Tattoo in Wesseling. This is part of a new project on people with tattoos and piercings. If you’d like a free portrait session for the project please contact me.
Anita and Tarish from Sri Lanka
Peter. This photo was taken at a concert where there was practically no light. I was working at around 5000 ISO here.
Barbar and Yiorgo, baristas at the Duett espresso bar
Irish folk singer Emma Langford
This is a low-light live shot at 6400 ISO taken during her May tour in Germany
Isi, barber and hairdresser
Barbara from Duett café
Pirate Queen at Japan Day 2019 in Düsseldorf
Isi and Frenchy
Model: Marli Iliat