CCXP 2019 Cologne Cosplay and Comic Convention

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Cosplay (“costume play”) meetings and conventions are among my favorite places to shoot. Challenging as regards the lighting and the speed with which you have to work, they also a hotbed of overflowing creativity. Good cosplayers bring fantasy worlds into reality, creating their costumes and performances with astounding skill and attention to detail. It is more than just playful — it is taking the art that inspired them from the screen or the pages of a book, making it theirs and a real part of their lives. 

This year’s CCXP convention in Cologne is a new event, the successor to the RPC that had been one of the major cosplay meets and Germany and Europe for many years. It was smaller than the RPC with fewer attendees, but the quality of the costumes was still outstanding.  Thank you to everyone who was willing to stand in front of my camera. You all rock!

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