This was the Two Tribes music duo performing on the market square in Brühl
This image is the beginning of a project that I’m going to title “Intimacy”. It was beautiful to see the tenderness between these two on the park bench.
Kids watching the carnival parade in 2019. I liked the perfect positions of all of them contrasting against the adults in the background.
After the parade: A performer in a traditional German carnival troupe on her way home.
This shot made me go and buy the Fuji 50-140mm 2.8 lens. The 55-200mm used here has lovely quality but its focusing is too slow. The focus is on his right shoulder.
I loved the wildness, lack of clarity and slight atmosphere of danger in this image and tried to emphasize that in the edit.
This was just a lovely little moment at Cologne Cathedral. I faked the sunbeam in the edit, which I felt was legitimate here.
I used selective monochrome/color here to focus on how intensely absorbed he was in his artwork.
Sidewalk Piano
Enjoying Bubbles
Street Life – Going Nowhere…