Tattoo You Project

Here are the first two sessions from the Tattoo You project. It’s going to be an ongoing series of monochrome portraits of interesting people with tattoos and piercings. Click on the large images below to see the galleries. If you can get to the Cologne … Continue readingTattoo You Project

Welcome to Lightcatcher

This is just the beginning. Up to now I’ve only posted my work on Instagram and a photo sharing site for photographers. For some time now I’ve been feeling it’s high time to set up my own dedicated photography site, so here it is. What … Continue readingWelcome to Lightcatcher

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Zoom Lenses vs. Primes

The debate over prime lenses versus zoom lenses tends to get bogged down in the absolute qualities of each lens type, ignoring the reality of the situations in which you actually use the lenses. Objectively, in terms of optical quality and performance, primes are always … Continue readingZoom Lenses vs. Primes

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